The Various Types of Tonneau Covers

Choosing the right tonneau cover for your Ute will take some research on your part, however a lot of information is now available on line. In summary there are two general types i.e. hard tonneau covers and soft tonneau covers. The majority of hard tonneau covers offer a clamp on method of installation, which eliminates the need to use a drill and makes home installation easy. Some of the newer options and styles for soft tonneau covers also will not require any tools for installation. The options features offered by both soft and hard tonneau covers are as follows:

Soft Tonneau Covers.

This type of cover is typically less expensive than the hard tonneau cover option. They typically consist of a vinyl cover over an aluminium frame. The basic styles include bunji loop, continuous rope and clip on covers. These soft covers offer convenience and affordability.

Bunji and Clip-on Covers.

Bunji loop or clip on covers are the least expensive option when it comes to tonneau covers, they are soft and versatile, while still providing excellent all round weather protection. The bunji loop covers have bunji cords attached that hook over buttons attached to the outside of your tub. The clip on covers provide you with a low profile, seamless finish for your ute as no buttons are needed, instead the cover clips on to an aluminium rail attached to the top of your tub. So if you need a simple and affordable tonneau cover that makes your ute look great, these are most likely the best options for you.

Hard Tonneau Covers.

These are rigid covers and are usually made out of Fiberglass, Aluminium or ABS plastic. The various types of hard tonneau covers are include:

Hinging Hard Covers.

These covers are typically made from Fiberglass or ABS plastic and they usually come with either one or two keyed locks, however the later models now come with central locking. They have hinges at the cabin end of the cover in order to provide easy operation of the cover and access to your tub. Designed for quick removal, it makes carrying oversize loads a breeze.

Folding Covers.

This option of hard tonneau cover is another popular option. It offers a strong and secure cover with the benefits of durability and security that far surpass the soft tonneau cover options. Folding covers are available in either a tri-fold or multi-panel fold designs and are able to be installed without the need for any tools.

Overall, tonneau covers, both soft and hard, provide your vehicle with superior protection from any type of weather. Many of the covers available come with seals that help keep water away from your cargo. The covers are designed not to rust or freeze and they hold up extremely well during the summer and winter months. If you are looking for an accessory that will improve the look of your vehicle, while providing it with superior protection and security, the hard or soft tonneau covers described may be the ideal option for you.

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