Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Bunji Tonneau Cover 1998 to March 2005

Thankyou and a big thankyou to Nicole for her excellent customer service which is rare these days. Very happy customer and word of mouth goes a long way.

Kind Regards 

- Jim -

BA Ute Bunji Tonneau Cover

- Aaron Celedin -

Customer Service Experience

Hi Team Tuff Tonneaus,
Can't thank you enough for my tonneau (Transaction number 1613347623) which arrived last Friday. It fits the ute perfectly and is made beautifully. The quality of the workmanship is impressive and the additional parts for installation are fantastic too, as are the instructions! Tragically, a box in the back of my ute caught fire on Saturday driving into the city and I had to stop and rush to get everything out of the tray. There was damage to several items in the back. One of the items was the box with my tonneau! Sadly, one end of the box was completely burned and the tonneau is wrecked - melted together and holes everywhere. I was devastated! Anyway, I spoke to Lucas at your end today and he is sending me another out under warranty, which is absolutely sensational. I don't need any of the parts (they were all fine) just the tonneau. I thanked Lucas for all his help and for helping me out given my unusual situation and I just wanted to tell you guys that apart from the fantastic experience I had initially when the product arrived, that the true measure of your organisation is how you back it up with great customer service and looking after people. I will be telling everyone where I got the tarp, my experience and how you replaced it for me without hesitating. Thankyou so much, Peter James. PS I would be happy for you to use this as a testimonial on your website.

-Peter James-

Ram 1500 Crew Cab Tuff Lid

A huge thank you to Nicole and the rest of the team. The level of service and accommodating efforts to get a Ram lid fitted was fantastic. Thanks again to all of the team at Tuff Tonneaus.

- Rhett Stevenson

Tuff Lid
So the lid is now perfectly installed and looks good.
It’s a great product, and so much lighter and cheaper than a fibreglass lid.
Kind Regards,
- Tony -
Clip On 2.0

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for the No drill 2 Tonneau cover I recently bought from you for my PXII Ranger. It arrived in two business days and I was very happy to see the quality of workmanship in your Aussie made product. It took just under an hour to fit (thats with my 9 year old daughter doing most of it). It fits perfect, looks and works just great. Then there is the added benefit of better fuel economy. Fuel economy on my 2018 Ranger generally averages 10.4l/100km (thats with my middle aged lead free foot). With my new Tuff Tonneau cover, I'm averaging 9.8l/100km. I'm getting about 65km extra out of a tank which will certainly pay for the cover in time. Thanks again, very happy with your great Aussie product.


Fits Like A Glove


" Awesome just recieved my vz soft cover with factory sports bars, fits like a glove and puts some class back into my ute thanks heaps and have a great Easter break, LOVIN IT! "


G'day the Great Staff at Tuff Tonneaus!

I can't recommend your cover enough! I placed the order on Sunday, and it arrived Tuesday! I had to wait a week to fit it as I had taken the ute to Tassie for the week, but when I got home, fifteen minuets was all it took to fit the cover on the back of the ute, and that's only because it was windy! It fitted like a glove and looks absolutely great on the ute! I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation!


Tonneau Cover

 You guys are amazing. Thank you very much.  I will continue to recommend your products to anyone who asks.