Outback Adventures - Which product is right for you?

There is nothing quite like camping in the bush. The Australian bush is one of the most scenic and picturesque places on earth, but it doesn’t come without its share of challenges. When camping in the Australian bush there are many things to consider.  Food and water are important considerations, but so is the weather, the wildlife and the need for shelter. Possibly the most important thing to consider when camping is the vehicle type, and what better option could you choose to take on an outback adventure than a Ute!

Ute Preparation

A Ute is just what the outdoor enthusiast needs to take on a trip, but the Ute needs to be thoroughly and properly equipped before you start. Your Ute should have all of the hardware required to survive the harsh Australian bush conditions. That said Tuff Tonneaus products are designed to help keep your gear safe and dry, and they come at a very affordable price. Our products can be installed on most utility vehicles, and it must be said that some of them are in fact essential to a successful camping trip. Tuff Tonneaus offers rubber mats, Ute liners, soft tonneau covers and hard tonneau covers, along with a variety of smaller parts and accessories such as; hooks, rope, bungees, etc.

Hard Tonneaus

Hard tonneau covers are great for camping deep in the bush. Whether it is one that is made of aircraft grade aluminium or fiberglass, they are quite capable of keeping your goods in and both people and animals out. Hard tonneau covers are great for people who like to hike as they can leave their vehicle tub secured, safe in the knowledge that their goods will still be there when they get back. Hard tonneau covers are structurally sound and could easily provide a nice flat surface on which to pitch a tent. The tent is then kept off the muddy ground and away from wildlife and the potential risk of flash flooding. With hooks and loops, it’s quite easy to set-up, which is why hard tonneau covers are a great solution when camping with a Ute.

Soft Tonneaus

Soft tonneau covers have a similar appeal to hard tonneau covers, although they offer slightly less protection they are more versatile with their stow and go design. Soft tonneau covers are an economical solution to your needs, whilst still providing strong protection from the elements. Soft tonneau covers are also useful when camping, because when you’ve got a full load of gear they are more flexible and can handle bulky items that might not fit underneath a hard tonneau cover. Although they aren’t as heavy-duty as a hard tonneau cover, many still have security measures in place to keep your goods safe. Depending on the Ute, a soft tonneau cover may be exactly what you need for a successful camping trip.

Mats and Liners.

Everyone knows that rigorous camping involves a lot of packing and unpacking. During these transitions, it is quite easy to damage the paint or even the structure of a Ute. It is therefore imperative to have safe guards in place such as a rubber mat or bed liner to protect the Ute from damage. A rubber mat should fit the surface seamlessly, to ensure maximum protection. Rubber mats and Ute liners are useful every day, but are especially advantageous when camping in the bush.

Adventures in the bush can be a great way to experience nature, so go on holiday and take time out to bond with your family. Nothing exemplifies fun in Australia like a Ute does.

If you are interested please check out our extensive range of Ute products and feel free to contact our customer service team with any questions that you may have.

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