Tonneau Cover

You guys are amazing. Thank you very much.  I will continue to recommend your products to anyone who asks. 


New 2015 Hilux Tuff Lid

"After researching the market for quite some time to try and find a hard tonneau cover for my 2016 Toyota Hilux SR Dual Cab, I approached Tuff Tonneaus to look at having a “Tuff Lid” fitted. Little did I expect the amount of service and ingenuity that Tuff Tonneaus could provide.
With some exact requirements in mind, the product supplied by Tuff Tonneaus exceeded my expectations. The fit and finish, product appearance and the ease of use is unmatched. The fact it is wholly made in Australia was a big selling point for me, as too often inferior product floods the market. Its light weight, barely noticeable when fitted, and is made of appropriate robust materials for the task, without being all for show.
I have no hesitation in recommending the product being fitted to any ute on the market currently."

- Dane

Fantastic Product

My vote of thanks for the fantastic product: I bought a Tuff Tonneau three years ago and it’s been on my old HQ Ute ever since. I was impressed in the perfect fit and the fact that no matter what the weather throws at it, it performs brilliantly. It’s never leaked, it never moves about and when I load the old Ute up there’s enough flexibility to mould around most things. The old girls sit outside everyday in a salty and heavily corrosive environment. The Tuff Tonneau only ever needs a quick scrub and wash to look its best in no time at all. Pity the old Ute doesn’t clean up so easily! Thanks fellas, if I buy another brand of Ute, I’ll be buying another one, but I’m sure this one will outlast my old HQ.

- Scotty -
Point Henry, Victoria

Great Service

Great service ordered on weekend delivered and fitted Tuesday fits like a glove. Purchased from you because fitted to my last ute when purchased in Brisbane well used but still fitted well and was waterproof even though years old. Thanks for the wonderful service look forward to many years of use.

-Regards Steve-

Tuff Lid Lock

I would like to thank you for your aftersales service, it is so nice to find a company that looks after you.I rang with a problem with my tonne lock on the 16/6/14, and within 12 hours it was on my doorstep!

I just don't believe it, again many thanks for such great service.

- Vic Thompson -
Pambula Beach


Lazer Back

We wish to advise you that we received our Ute Lid at 4pm. It took us longer to unpack and dispose of the packaging than it did to fit the lid. I am 79 years old and with the help of my wife we took 1 hour to fit this Lazerback. Thank you for a lovely item it really looks good ....attached are 2 photos..if you wish to use this for promotion you can quote me....

To all the staff HAVE A NICE CHRISTMAS and thank you again.

- Gordon -

Tonneau Cover

Very impressed with your service, within 30 hours after ordering the tonneau it was on my doorstep. Fitted up to my ute, good quality product and fitted perfectly. Great service, keep up the good work.

Thank you.

- Phillip Tasmania -

Service Car


I have had one of your tonneaus on my VS ute for about 2 years now. My car is parked outside 99% of the time and the tonneau is in top condition, no fading or stretching. The tonneau makes the car look neat and tidy.

About 6 months after getting the tonneaus, I was out shopping when I got back to my car and it was obvious someone had attempted to steal the tonneau. They had pulled all the tabs and it was simply hanging by the tonneau lock. They had tried to jimmy this of too, without luck.

Thanks again for a great product.

- Nicole -


I just purchased a Tonneau from Supercheap Auto in Port Adelaide, very happy with it, so much better than the original one on my 96; xh xr6 ute.

Best Regards
-Ken Gallowey-

Whyalla, Whyalla Stuart, South Australia